We deliver premium E-Commerce websites & custom applications to our customers (Using specialized technologies).

The following points may help you evaluate if NeuroSys is the right partner for you.


  • Mature: Over 8 years of proven methodology to deliver quality. See what our clients have to say.
  • Idea to Action: Clear breakdown of business goals into implementable actions
  • Partners in your success: We listen and guide you to invest correctly, @ the correct stage
  • Flexible: We can provide one roof for all your needs or work with others you trust
  • Long term Cost: Like having your own developers @ less than 70% of the cost and headache for the same output
  • Transparent: No hidden costs or hidden surprises
  • One stop shop:
    1. Requirement Analysis
    2. Design & Experience
    3. Development
    4. Hosting & Cloud services
    5. Testing
    6. Support : Multiple support options available.
    7. Analytics
    8. SEO
    9. Social Media

Work Ethics

  • Your success is our success. Your growth means our growth.
  • Attention to detail
  • Communicate clearly
  • Test methodically and thoroughly
  • Build what can be maintained well
  • Focus on productivity, not billable hours
  • Deliver to business objectives beyond stated needs


  • Rigorous Testing – Frontend, Backend
  • Performance and Security are part of our design considerations, not an after thought
  • Proper documentation available
  • All user major interactions are AJAX (avoid Page Refresh)
  • Backend interfaces, flows, admin is tailored to your business need
  • Backend is optimized for speed so you get very fast user experience
  • Java, and not PHP.
    Java is the language of choice for custom and enterprise scale development
Parameters for evaluation
Open Source
1 Support
Free Support for plugins.

2 Ease of use & control
Ease of use & control.


Ease of development process
Access, feedback to platform owners.

Capability and experience of developers.

Cost of development and maintenance
Maintenance costs.


Flexibility to add advanced features
Advanced features (multi role, authorizations)

Integration of eCommerce site with other
business processes & B2B platform
Only Enterprise

Only Enterprise
6 Wide scale adoption
Developer network and wide-scale adoption.

Availability of 3rd party solutions.

Innovative concepts capabilities

interactive catalog collection page in 3D

Interactive 3D catalogue

An interactive 3D catalogoue, that allows 3D experience of 2D illustrations that come to life on mouse over them.

Interactive drag-n-drop shopping cart

An interactive shopping cart, that allows the user to visually drag and drop items around from the cart and back into the cart. We built this 100% from scratch, and dare say its the only one of its kind in the world ... unless someone has copied us.
interactive ecommerce shopping cart

Unique user experiences

Map zoom like concept, to allow user to navigate projects on a single page and zoom in and out of them. The user experience was custom built for a designer site.

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