Support can be of multiple types. We offer various levels of support to allow our customers to manage their costs, risks and convenience.
The reasons why a customer may want support are many. Some of the most common ones are listed below, each is discussed in detail in later sections in this document:

For a client, to involve us in any regular engagement, some form of support is required or once we take you live beyond a certain good will aspect we do charge for our time.

Warranty, Bugs & Fixes

We take quality very seriously. We will offer you warranty (duration depends on project and as sepcified in contract), after your site is live on the internet. During this period all development related issues will be fixed free of cost + you will get Free Priority Site Support for the period also. One month after go-live, is sufficient time for a client to test and report any issue they see. An issue is defined as a fault in any working that has been agreed upon. It is important to understand that an issue is a problem in the execution of the site that prevents the intended behavior. New feature and change requests do not qualify as development related issues and hence not covered under warranty.

New features and changes

If there are any new features requested they will be charged on an need basis. A "Feature" is any work that is required from our end to enhance your website looks or functioning. Refer to Dev Support for details.

Good will over and above support

There are many aspects to quality that you cannot foresee or put a price to. The following items highlight the general culture to help our clients remain satisfied. We are not obliged contractually, however these are expressed informally so you are aware of the things we do for our clients:

Bug fixes beyond warranty period

We believe in happy clients and good relations. For this we are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. If we find the client has a genuine problem that was unforeseen, then based on good will we may offer our expertise free of cost. While we cannot commit to this clause as it can be abused, it is sufficient to express we will be flexible and understanding to any request that is reasonable.


We welcome feedback into our processes and we welcome any challenge to help improve things overall for all our clients, sharing experiences etc. Technical advancements keep taking place and we ensure we are at the front of it. So where applicable, as updates happen we will keep you informed of trends so you may decide to upgrade your site and keep it abreast with latest technical advancements.

Standard platform updates on purchased features

We have developed our own state of the art platform for business users to make updates on our CMS. For features you are using, we may provide free platform level upgrades over time which benefit all our customers. Furthermore, we are constantly taking feedback and improving the backend and it benefits all our customers.

Support Fix/Change response time

Though we try and address issues as fast as possible. In practice with any organization resources are limited and we must prioritize sometimes. We only consider something critical if it affects majority of your operations like the site being down etc. Other issues, while maybe important, may not be given priority; under standard site support agreements. Again, we iterate our commitment is to respond best we can but sometimes its physically not possible and in those situations the client is requested to understand and be patient, due to limitations during the situation.

Should a client need constant priority or importance, we do allow them to hire a full-time resource from our team, on a paid basis for additional dedicated priority and support. Under standard support the client is requested to be patient, should we be occupied servicing other items that are already in queue before the concerned request. Thank you.

No Support

What if no support is purchased?

Priority site support (Tech AMC), is recommend and in many cases required. However, if for any reason a client does not opt for support the following will apply:

  1. Every interaction with the client be it a request, meetings etc is billable by the hour @ minimum or above $40 / hour or Rs 2,500 + taxes / hour. 1 hour is the minimum billable unit. In case of meetings, we can ocassionally discount 1 hour of time.
  2. Any action is always reactive and not preventive. What this means for example is that we will not monitor your server for down time; so we can only fix a problem if you report it. With Support we do monitor and most of the cases we know of a down time before you come to know. Without support we are only going to be reactive.
  3. Any billablable hours need to be paid online, within 5 days or else further help will not be provided.
  4. Late payment after reasonable consideration or lack of sensitivity to make a payment on a previous due invoice will incur a charge of Rs 100 + tax, per day.
  5. There will be no free upgrades to the base platform.
  6. There is no backup taken and any problem is not our concern.
  7. Any server issue will be charged by the hour @ minimum or above rate to what is mentioned above.
  8. For cases where billable hours is unclear an upfront time will be determined; however there is no guarantee the problem can be solved in that time. If the time exceeds, additional time will be requested for approval.
  9. If there is agreement for AMC but then if the client wishes to discontinue it, the months that have elapsed are still billable (if not already paid for by the client).

Mode of communication

Our defacto communication is email to your primary contact and CC to If we do not have a dedicated relation manager or developer for your account, then phone may or may not be answerable based on our availability between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Time sensitive consulting, meetings & support

We like to give our 100% to any work, however we also value your and our own time. Communication takes a significant amount of time, hence we request your cooperation to ensure time is respected by both parties and more productive interactions happen.

The following policy apply with effect from 1st May 2018 onwards.... All amounts in INR with taxes extra:

First meeting Subsequent meeting(s)
First Hour
Subsequent meeting(s)
Second Hour
Subsequent meeting(s)
Third hour onward
Phone calls
Non support related
Non support related
Consulting Integration Support Research
Free; with a relaxed limit of 3 hours Free 1,000/hour 1,500/hour If regular client calls:
Upto 30 min (approx) free in week.
1,000/hour after that.
No charge, but if we feel there is unreasonable pressure on our time, we can decline to email and prefer to engage the client @ proposed rates for phone or face to face. On project delivery free training is given,
if additional is required later...


Travel related expenses extra.
1 Hour free for any requirement,
after that 1,800/hour

Travel related expenses extra.

Phone or email.

Phone or email.
1 Hour free,
after that 1,800/hour


If client is an active/billing client then the amount will be added to the next invoice; if not then payment will be expected at the end of the meeting.


The following exclusions apply for all types of support:

IT Support: We will advise you about infrastructure and IT, however we will not be responsible for your IT/infrastructure issues, other than what is specifically website operation related or anything mentioned in the scope and provided we are responsible for the regular upkeep of your site for a retainer.

Upkeep will also only happen if you are under AMC.

IT Support duration's and payment: The date when your application is live on production environment is also the date when supports starts, because once its on an external environment we need to support it, to make it work. Support is covered under an AMC paid in advance for the cycle. Depending on the type of support agreed and the number of production assets (servers and any other overheads), we have to maintain it will cost accordingly. The payment cycle will be typically 6 or 12 months, depending on whats agreed.

Performance: The website will by design be able to perform for a certain amount of traffic, tested for 30 concurrent users at the same time for regular read based web based access. If the traffic increases such that the existing infrastructure cannot handle the load, then any migration or performance optimization will cost extra. Load cannot be anticipated hence accounting for any load is not possible. For a normal site like Brand Identity or starting out E-Commerce, 30 users on the site at any time, is sufficient. Load issues and performance tuning of the website to handle additional load is always additional.

Liability for Third Party API, Software or Widgets: If there is any use of third party API, Code or widgets, then NeuroSystems has no liability in terms of any constraints, limits or liabilities imposed by third party. The client will be responsible for engaging in the license agreements directly with the third party. For example, if a free API is provided to N number of uses per day and the site exceeds that then the service may terminate or maybe charged by the third party. Anything that uses third party services (including Google, Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc) is outside the scope of the workings of the website and void of any guarantee or warranty. Any request to fix it is a consulting job charged as additional on an hourly basis. Any bug that is a result of a change or problem in any third party software is not under our guarantee and will be charged for as additional.

Infrastructure level mishaps not covered under warranty: In the event the server is hacked or some unforeseen problem happens that impacts not just the site, but the server, then additional setup charges are applicable. One may mitigate the risk by purchasing backups from the Host provider also at an additional cost in such an event, however we have no liability at this level.

Priority site support (site tech support AMC)

We provide an optional technical support for websites we build to ensure you have backups, and minimize running issues or down times. While one may assume, once a website is up and running there is no reason for anything to go wrong. There are unforseen circumstances where websites can go down. The table Level of Support Included mentions what is included as part of this support.

Level of Support included

Check site is up
every 30 minutes
BackupsAd Hoc QueriesEmergency restorationFollowups with Hosting companyContent related workDevelopment related workFirst response timeJob response time Standard platform upgrades
Using heartbeat services
(Every 24 hours for E-Commerce or
once a week for low volume sites)
Yes Yes Yes No No 1 to 24 Hrs on Avg. Depends on type of problem.
Host provider related then it can take days to weeks.
else it could even be fixed in a matter of hours

Std. platform generic upgrades from time to time.

What type of problems are not covered in this AMC
Issues that are not related to our work like IT, infrastructure, Hosting etc are not part of our AMC as they are not in our hands. So any time that goes in fixing those issues will be billable. Here is a specific list: Note: We understand and want to support our clients; so in complex situations where a lot of time is taken, we can give some discount on actual billable hours related to IT, infrastructure, Hosting for issues that are not a result of our change. This is a good will aspect to let the customer know we are only charging when it hurts us and for the most we are dedicated to helping you best we can.

Content support (Content AMC)

This is only required if you have a static site or not comfortable with making changes. In this we include making content level changes.
For content changes it is important the client send all the raw content for multiple changes in 1 go. Based on the support contract we will entertain a maximum number of change requests a month.

If you have a Dynamic website, then you should invest in training of internal staff to do your own changes.
If your website needs frequent updates, then you should optto build a CMS or dynamic deriven site. Relying on the development team to make content changes isn't the best idea. However each project and situation is different.

Level of Support included

Check site is up
every 30 minutes
BackupsAd Hoc QueriesEmergency restorationFollowups with Hosting companyContent related workDevelopment related workFirst response timeJob response time Standard platform upgrades
No No No No No Yes No 1 to 24 Hrs on Avg. 1 hour to 36 hours on Avg.
(sometimes longer)

Admin support

This is a form of Content Support but not included in content support, where we can handle the content admin tasks, even if you have a CMS to do it your self. The terms are similar to content support but the costs may ary depending on the type of support needed. Again, we recommend this is not a good idea and self reliance is the best practice.

Development support

Development changes are not covered any under any other support activity, as the nature of development change can be completely ad-hoc and custom. The cost and time for this depends on the job required. Development tasks do require planning from the clients side and cannot b rushed, as it involves design, development and testing.
Rushing development can lead to unforseen problems on the website and result in a constant react and fix mode.

Level of Support included

Check site is up
every 30 minutes
BackupsAd Hoc QueriesEmergency restorationFollowups with Hosting companyContent related workDevelopment related workFirst response timeJob response time Standard platform upgrades
No No No No No No Yes 1 to 36 Hrs on Avg. 3 man days to 20 man days on Avg. Only when an enhancement is made Or

Std. platform generic upgrades from time to time.

Disaster recovery

Software level disaster recovery is included in Site upkeep and tech support. However if someone has not purchased that then we do this for a specific price or there is an infrastructure (machince, server, operating system, disk) level problem, then this is charged for.
If you have not purchased tech support, then it is likely we will not have or keep your backups either. So even though we can recover your site, we can only recover it to the last update we had or you have effectively kept. We cannot be responsible for restoring the state to the site what you last saw.
Level of Support included

Check site is up
every 30 minutes
BackupsAd Hoc QueriesEmergency restorationFollowups with Hosting companyContent related workDevelopment related workFirst response timeJob response time Standard platform upgrades
No No No No No No No 1 to 36 Hrs on Avg. 3 man days to 20 man days on Avg. No

Migration support

See Migration guide on why a migration maybe required. Migration effort is not included under any other support activity purchased. This is always a separate activity and will demand a separate time and cost.
Level of Support included

Check site is up
every 30 minutes
BackupsAd Hoc QueriesEmergency restorationFollowups with Hosting companyContent related workDevelopment related workFirst response timeJob response time Standard platform upgrades
No No No No No No No 1 to 36 Hrs on Avg. 2 Weeks on Avg. Yes, only if
Tech support was purchased

Digital marketing and SEO support

For our clients, we also offer strategic digital marketing advice and SEO services. We do not do content based work like Facebook or social media, however we do kknow people who can assist. SEO being technical in nature is something we do offer and are good at. We offer it at a monthly rate with and on guaranteed results there is a 100% pay off.

AMC Costs

* AMC is related to level of service you consume and our direct time consumed. Its is not a randomly thought of number.
* Anything that we feel we should do ethically even, we do it free of cost so dont confuse any minor issues etc with reason not paying AMC. Every software has issues and those are development related not related to AMC. Please see the type of AMC you have and see what it covers and its for.
* @ The proposed base rates are only worth only 2 to 3 hours of our time / month. Which is only enough to do basic house keeping work to keep your site going. For clients who need more extensive support this would increase.
* We only offer AMC for one simple reason to avoid getting into complicated conversations about how much time and how much to bill each time etc. It's to get peace of mind for both parties to be fair to both and keep billing simple for both.
* @ minimum we reserve the right to annually increase AMC rates as per published rates of national Inflation.

If you do not appreciate any of the above points once and for all, we can operate without AMC under these conditions.

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