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Since 2010

NeuroSys delivers premium E-Commerce websites & applications to our customers. However we are not just a service company, but also a software product development company innovating in this space. The following describe our areas of expertize.
Website design & user experience
At NeuroSys, we understand web design is not about pretty pictures but executing it on screen across devices that do not neglect practical aspects of multi-device scaling, performance, maintenance and all that to work well with the back-end and data. Right from the start, we will consider an overall view of what design means for your site which goes beyond mere aesthetics.
While each project is different and we respect the need stated by the client, our natural tendency is to prefer ...
clean, modern, good color combinations, eye-popping designs and above all a high emphasis on user experience.

Because design and taste is subjective, in addition to in house capability, we can also work with other designers of your choice or our recommendation, depending on project needs.
Website development
Using the latest technology in Java and HTML5, JQuery and Angular JS we create state-of-the-art experiences, that allow our software to scale. Whatever we build, we build it with passion and ensure there is return on investment (ROI) for our clients. Our development process is also mature and includes industry best practices of version control, feature management, release process, manual and automated testing. Let's just say we are not your average PHP pop-shop.
E-Commerce has to factor in multiple aspects: Web design, User experience, Data management. Tracking, Development, Upkeep, Performance, Security, Payments, systematic testing .. and more. NeuroSys has expertize in all disciplines (except photography), and combined with the experience and passion we are committed to only promise what we can deliver and deliver what we promise.
Web security & performance
Web security is like insurance. You dont really need or care about it, till you really need it. At NeuroSys we take these dark horses very seriously. Whatever is built, is built with security and performance in mind. Unlike other companies that may promise and may even deliver the end experience, you can never be sure what's lurking under the hood. We have a stringent eye for security and back it up with industry tool kits, practices and automated tests like load testing, stress testing and more.
Web services development
Our sites can not only work with web clients but also can be mobile app compatible for the future. This is because for a lot of projects we expose secured web services, such that Web as well as Apps can use the same server base. This greatly reduces backend development costs for the customer who also want to develop mobile apps in the future.
Onsite SEO
We understand SEO to its nuts and bolts. Unlike digital marketing agencies that make tall claims, we goto the grass root level of search engine rankings and work at a technical level to provide SEO compliant pages and advantage to your sites. We are also aware of other social channels, however currently we limit ourselves to onsite SEO.
Custom application development
While we specialize in Web and E-commerce development. Our knowledge and expertize goes beyond this. NeuroSys can take on custom software development work, based on a clear scope communicated to us. Projects where the client wants source code for custom development projetcs are significantly more expensive than where we can re-use common platforms and components.
Cloud development with Amazon, SalesForce, Google
If you have a need to integrate your software or site using cloud services of any of the mentioned cloud platforms, NeuroSys can do that too.
Digital Infrastructure (Web hosting)
We can host you on our servers or work with 3rd party service providers. We ususally recommend you have complete control of your hosting environment and account and hence 3rd party hosting is preferred. Whatever the case, we are transparent and wish you the client, to be in control. We do not have any markup on hosting and third party services and infact recommend you purchase them yourself.


Arjun Dhar

Founder of NeuroSys (NeuroSystems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). With expertize in design, development & integrations, requirement analysis, digital marketing; and with over 12 years of experience in the industry and over 28 years of core programming experience. His area of expertize extends from software development, enterprise architecture to UI/UX. His core expertize for the past 5 years has been in building an E-Commerce platform, delivering projects in Java ground-up.

Rishab Mehra

He comes from a business background. At the age of 17, he co-founded an event management company. He went to University of Southern California and completed a dual degree in business and film. Currently Rishab, helps us with strategic and business development decision making. Rishab is also the founder of a social live event online platform.

Ishan Mitra

Ishan went to University of South Florida for his bachelor's in computer engineering and computer science. After graduating he worked in a SAAS company for 3 years before coming back to India and joining us. Ishan loves the rush of solving a problem and seeing built objects work. Software engineering allows him to experience the rush quickly and independently. He spends most of his free time learning new topics ranging from political issues to new advancements. His other interests includes BEER; Ultimate Frisbee; music (dance, trance, house, rap & hip-hop); photography; puzzles; movies and tv shows (Sci-Fi, Thriller and Drama).

Saurabh Patni

Saurabh is frontend ninja and loves creating experiences which are highly functional and consistent. Saurabh has worked with various languages but specializes in javascript. He has strong experience with react native and he is building multiple Skippo apps. He is a die hard fan of Rossonero and loves football, trekking and cooking.

Aeakanshi Agarwal

A Web Designer & Front-end developer by passion. She works on creating mobile responsive design and web applications using semantic markup, styling it with cross-browser compatible CSS, Sass, JQuery and other front end tools.

Disha Bhatnagar

After doing her schooling from Meerut, Disha found her way into Kamla Nehru College (KNC). Unlike other students, Disha was not satisfied with just college education and got her first internship with Musejam. Since then, she has only been a knowledge sponge. She took upon multiple roles and today she excels at interaction design, digital marketing, product management and keeping everyone on the same page. Disha loves fashion, startups and most importantly travel.




Ishan Khosla Design is a boutique design studio specializing in:

1. CORE GRAPHIC DESIGN: Brand Identity Creation, Interactive Design (for websites and apps), Online and Offline Advertising Campaigns, Books and Editorial Design, Print.

2. SOCIO-CULTURAL PROJECTS: Installations, Typecraft (typefaces and lettering with craft), Objects; Furniture Design, Textiles and Ceramics.
We specialize in PRODUCT and DIGITAL DESIGN, and with our STRATEGIC DESIGN approach we go beyond creating design outputs – products, websites, spaces – to designing comprehensive solutions organized around integrated services – design research, interaction design and experience strategy.

We believe that putting the user at the core of our design process brings value to a brand, product or service by helping it become more useful, accessible, and appealing to users.
NeuroSys and Skippo are partners in developing a state of the art Q, Order & Pay platform set to revolutionaize customer experience in India and internationally. Unlike most new ideas that adopt a custom approach, we provide years of maturity and proven technology so that Skippo can focus on the solution and build custom yet diverse solutions dedicated to the App Q and Order Pay space.

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