Most pages are generated by the CMS (Content Management System) or programmed pages. As the admin you have little or no control over the behavior of the page other than the content or products being shown. However, we make it possible for you to conrol what LINK (URL) will generate what content without having to step into the CMS or Admin. This is done by means of Dyanamic URL's. This feature allows you to specify URL parameters that will control the behavior of the page based on some scheme agreed with your programmer.

What are URL parameters?

Every web page is driven by a unique address called a URL. This URL can look like
...The blue part after the "?" in this example are the parameters. Where they are a set of key=value pairs meant to influence the outcome of the page.

How Dynamic URLs work?

Based on any parameters agreed with your developer for the page, the page will display results based on the value passed for the parameter. A common criteria for parameter value is a scheme like Tags, keywords, sale, new or any field that allow you to Group a collection of products. For example you may use keywords as terms and have a prameter called terms with a value kids to dynamically show only products that are tagged as kids. So the resultant URL for a case like this would appear to be:
You may additionally provide multiple values by separating them via a Comma as a more advanced case of the same.

How to use them

Once you create the URL you can use it as a Link on any page. Like a Banner Ad or in content. Test the LINK by pasting it in the browser address bar. If the results are as what you expect, then See the CMS Documentation on Links to use it. Simply place the content or image in the anchor ref tags (<a> tags) with the href pointing to the dyanmic URL you create as per above process. You may also provide multiple parameters. Consult the developer on what you need and the degree of flexibility required for the page.

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