Customers or User data, allows you to view the information about various types of customers to your site.
The type of reports may vary from application application, but in general they are:

... your application may have addtional user types, and they all can be represented.

User Reports

For whatever the types of users, the User Listing format is kept consistent. However, if there is a need it can be customized for each type of user report. By default lets just consider the consistent listing.
For isntance in the sample below, we find the fields:

... the above can be changed, for each report if required.

Below is an example of how we can Filter users based on a custimized critera. These can be custom to every project

Another example:

Another example shows a list of Guest users (identified by their session id in this case), who have abandoned their cart; one can click on the Product in the Abandoned cart and see the product details in the same view
It is worth noting that if the user viewing the Order data does not have access to the Product data, the user may not be able to open it. Or may have only read-only access to it.
All these variations are automatically handled by the platform. Many such adaptation can be built and csutomized easily

User Details

Depending on the type of user report, the Id, name or email field maybe a Link. A link denotes that one can open it further into a Details Dialog where more inormation about the user will be available. The format of this Dialog is completely custom to the type of user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. A customer placed an order anonymously yesterday because he was facing trouble registering on the website.
    Today he was able to register his account using the same email id.
    He wants to know why he is not able to see the order he placed, in his panel considering he used the same email id for account registration?
    There is a difference in ordering as a registered user and ordering as a Guest. When you order as a guest the system maintains your anonymity as a guest. So if the order was placed was without LOGGING IN, before or after it will not show it in the history as it does not for sure guarantee the person placing the order is the same FOR WHOM the order is placed.

    Though technically it is possible, it isn't a default site requirement and is considered as a custom solution need.

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