Some pages may require a systematic organization of information that can be managed purely by structuring Files and Folders. For example a press page, where we may want to archive images Year and Month wise, and as long as we name the folders appropriately the system can process and organize that information and display it accordingly.

This method is smart and effiicient compared to the user having to manually curate each section manually via a CMS. Some projects may have it in this fashion.

While the exact structure and folder is project dependent, the following rules apply to such pages universally:


Here is an example of a press page, that organizes the information based on Thumbnails. When a user clicks a thumbnail, it will open the Magazine cover for the same. And once opened, the user can further browse any inner pages using the navigation arrows.

Related folder structure:

We can see in the above example, that there is a thumbnail (thumb) that relates to its Cover (cover) image, and on clicking the Cover one may browse through the magazine inner pages (inner). Also its evident from the naming within the folders:

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